The call of light is, for us, a mirror of infinite possibilities to be channeled with creativity, passion and attention to detail. Firm principles at the service of those who, in their daily lives, want to live their spaces with emotion. This successful meeting is possible thanks to a core of people who believe in a common goal: to combine functionality and aesthetics, technology and design. ACCENTO products are the result of our professionalism and our backgrounds in the fields of lighting, electrical engineering and design. An intertwining that looks at Made in Italy and the tradition of Italian know-how, with respect and desire for continuity. ACCENTO is thus synonymous with identity of light: we illuminate your environments creating personal and unique atmospheres. This we call HU. LI., or the desire to create profoundly positive synergies between people, products and the environment.



Gianluca Raineri


Head of a team with a strong experience in the LED world since more than 25 years, he has chosen to put the technical and technological soul of his company at the disposal of design for the B2C world. The dream, which is the challenge and goal of the project, is to create lamps that are not only lighting fixtures, but unique objects of technology and aesthetics, focused on people well-being.

Roberta Bonaiti


Founder of Masina Studio, living and working in Milan in the field of design and creative consultancy. For Accento she took care of the new corporate identity, also signing the first collection of Pivò lamps. A project that identifies lighting expertise and experimentation as the company's greatest resources.

Nicola Belingheri


LED lighting technician with 10 years of experience; since the beginning of his career, he has been involved daily in the research and development of lighting solutions, from Light Source to the finished product. For Accento, he took care of the design aspect of the products, from a mechanical and electronic point of view, dedicating himself to the study and selection of components, materials and technologies.


The stem of only only 10 mm of diameter houses the latest generation of LEDs, and it is the result of a project that has led to the production of a light without dotted effect. The purpose of ACCENTO lamps is to emulate sunlight, the CRI remains typ. 95 even for thinner sizes.

Reduce all the components of a product to a minimum, in order to keep only the strictly necessary, or, in other words, the essential. In this approach made of subtractions, it is essential to understand how each individual element is adaptable and / or transformable according to the context that hosts it. ACCENTO LEDs are thus synonymous of functional design, never intrusive.

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A minimal light, suitable for all environments. ACCENTO lives in your everyday spaces thanks to a discrete and intimate beauty. The delicacy of a silhouette reduced to a minimum welcomes delicate finishes, high-standing paints made by skilled artisans of the fashion industry and a joint of 4 cm in diameter. Which is the result of long and in-depth studies. To ensure fluidity of movement and rotation in a tiny space we have enclosed all the mechanical and tech soul of Pivò, rationalizing every millimeter.