With the term Hu.Li we want to summarize both the philosophy underlying ACCENTO as a brand, and the feeling that binds us in following – and pursuing – the well-being and quality of anyone who wants to live one of our products in their own home. It is a responsibility that begins even before an idea or a project. Hu.Li. has, in fact, its fulcrum in the vision that ACCENTO has of reality. In the desire to make physical and tangible the positive power of a light that can and must be in line with the biological needs of every human being. Hu.Li speaks a universal language that has human health and well-being as its center of gravity. This is why the Sun is our muse, as the source of life and attraction of our light revolutions.

A light created to follow individuals in their renewed everyday life. A light that instils well-being because it is realized within parameters that delineate its human-friendly nature, such as a light temperature of 2700K, 3000K and 3500K and a color rendering with CRI typ. 95.

The Sun is the inspiring muse of Hu.Li. A source of energy and life that made our planet unique, with a luxuriant and fertile nature. Precisely for this reason, our manifesto is outlined on a parallelism. What is good in nature is good for man. For this reason, the choice was to move towards LEDs of the highest quality, which emulate natural light almost perfectly. Adjustable in terms of intensity, they illuminate without straining the eyes, favoring a natural use of the environments, and nature is the greatest source of inspiration for ACCENTO. We work meticulously on the choice of materials, making our products with cutting-edge materials, combined with aluminum and polycarbonate entirely recyclable and taking care to avoid any unnecessary waste.

Imagine contexts in which artificial light is part of your daily life. At home, in the office, in a shopping mall, in a private or public establishment. Both indoors and outdoors. The value of an instrument also lies in its pervasiveness. Just as the Sun regulates our rhythms, also a non-natural light, to be beneficial, must dialogue with the architecture and environments that surround us to better accommodate our life.

Hu.Li was created to emphasize the importance of a human-friendly light, created to accompany and assist each individual through a holistic, but at the same time scientific, approach. Instilling visual well-being, is the core of a design that is always attentive to the visual, biological and emotional needs of users, which is achieved through functionality and technology. We base our work on a deep knowledge of light. With all its physiological and psychological peculiarities. Our assumption is the desire to reproduce a completely beneficial light, aware of the power it has on sleep-wake cycles, on circadian rhythms and on positive feedback in the daily life of the human being.