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Functionality and essentiality combined: Pivo•CL is a ceiling lamp adjustable in all directions, manageable with voice and push command, designed to be both performing and discreet. The thin luminous stem, made with LED with CRI typical of 95, illuminates without straining the eyes. The central joint, the fulcrum of the mechanics of the product, is enclosed in a radius of 2cm.

Vertical rod length: 1018mm. Aluminum structure that can be directed horizontally at 360° and vertically at 180°. Lamp body adjustable 360° continuously without stops. Typical colour rendering index (CRI) 95. Available in LED version 2700K, 3000K and 3500K. Available in dimmable and on/off versions, with high efficiency PMMA diffuser. Details in Nylon PA12 in 3D printing Multi Jet Fusion. Integrated voice control. Integrated power supply included. Available in 5 finishes. Made in Italy.